Learn from the Party's history, praise the Party's kindness, and follow the Party forever

 Learn from the Party History, Praise Party Benevolence and Follow the Party Forever

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. In order to promote all members to review the glorious history of the Party, learn the spirit of the Party, and strengthen their faith, at 9:00 a.m. on June 5, 2021, the Opus Party branch launched the theme party day activity of "learning from the history of the Party, praising the Party, and following the Party forever". All Party members, probationary Party members and activists joining the Party participated in this activity. Comrade Xu Jinbiao, Chairman of the Company, and Comrade Li Chunfeng, Secretary of the Party Branch attended the activity and made speeches.


This activity is mainly divided into six agenda items: the first agenda item is to review the oath of joining the Party;   The third item on the agenda is that the branch secretary informs the superior party committee of the arrangements and branch work plan; The fourth agenda is to learn from the history of the Party and share ideas and experiences; The fifth agenda is to quickly answer questions about Party history and send political birthday cards; The sixth agenda is to pay tribute to the veteran Party members.


All Party members and cadres made solemn vows to the bright red Party flag, and made solemn commitments to firmly take the oath of joining the Party as a guide to action, always remember and practice it for life.


 General Manager Xu led us to learn the spirit of the important speech at the 29th collective learning of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.


 Comrade Li Chunfeng, secretary of the branch, first reported the work arrangement of the Party committee at the higher level, made a detailed deployment of the work plan of the branch, and made it clear that the actions specified by the higher level were in place, and the optional actions were characteristic. It introduced the history of the Party's development, and reviewed the moving deeds of generations of Communists who fought through the wind and rain, overcame difficulties and overcame difficulties. She encouraged everyone to keep in mind the spirit of the Communist Party's unremitting struggle for the interests of the people, to describe the background of youth, and more importantly, to combine the study of the Party history with practical work, and to transform the powerful power of learning and education into a practical action to seize the moment and really work hard to work with higher passion. We should truly learn the history of the Party, understand our thinking, do practical things and open up new situations.



Sharing the experience of learning from the Party history

  Answer Party history knowledge and send political birthday cards


  Condolences to old employees

Through this theme party day activity, we will earnestly guide all party members, probationary party members, and party activists to learn the party history, take history as a mirror, and practice it in their daily work, improve their job skills, and contribute to the enterprise's opening of a new bureau (newly launched flat lamp project)!
Contributed by: Yu Liping, General Affairs Office
Reviewed by: Li Chunfeng
Editor: Yang Shuijun

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