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Borderless panel light


Panel light

Product Overview

The company mainly produces green lighting products such as lead-free glass tubes for energy-saving lamps, semi full screw energy-saving tubes, U-tubes, LEDT8 fluorescent lamps, panel lamps, bulb lamps, street lamps, etc.

Keywords: semi full screw energy-saving lamp, U-tube, panel lamp, bulb lamp

Product details

Product parameters

Voltage range
Luminous flux
Light efficiency
Color temperature
Explicitly refer to
Specifications (mm) Chassis Diffusion Board
origin 18 220-240 1260 70 6500 >80 300*300 Chassis PP PS
origin 24 220-240 1920 80 6500 >80 300*600 Chassis PP PS


Application site

Lighting for indoor places such as homes, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals and museums

Product Consulting

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