New journey, new starting point, new goal


On June 25, 2022, Jiangxi Aopu Lighting Co., Ltd. organized a mobilization meeting for middle and senior managers, with the theme of new journey, new starting point and new goal.
First of all, Xu Jinbiao, Chairman of Jiangxi Aopu Lighting Co., Ltd., delivered an important speech on the theme of the meeting: new journey, new starting point and the significance of new goals, Xu Dong said: "The year 2022 is the first decade of the development of Jiangxi Aopu Company. During this decade, everyone has constantly improved their position, strengthened their own execution, strictly implemented the company's strategic deployment, and successfully completed various economic indicators and key projects, which has made a wonderful contribution to the first ten year plan of Jiangxi Aopu Company. Although we have made certain achievements in the past, we can't stop working hard to speed up our progress to a new level To make greater achievements. The year 2022 is a turning point of great significance in the development process. All of us have ushered in the second decade, a new journey towards the goals of the second decade, which is of great significance to Opus in the development process. First of all, we must accurately grasp the new stage of development, so that we can accurately recognize change, respond scientifically, take the initiative to seek change, cultivate opportunities in crisis, and create new situations in change. Then we should accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, which is an inevitable requirement to make our company bigger and stronger, and an inevitable way to build our company's cooperation with more customers and competitive advantage. Make full use of and give full play to the huge space in the domestic and foreign markets, realize the company's self-reliance, achieve the healthy development of the enterprise, and improve the overall income of all employees. Advance towards the goal of the second decade of Opus, and set out for the future "!


Then Chen Qisheng, Director of the Marketing Department, made a speech in his work report. Director Chen summarized the completion of the Marketing Department's work in the past year with a wonderful PPT, and according to the company's development plan, the department's subsequent development direction, long-term business development ideas, and in accordance with domestic and foreign sales plans and strategies, he completed the company's three-year goal -- striving to advance to 1 billion.



Then Xu Dong analyzed the current market situation, Xu Dong said: "The external environment is complex and changeable, and the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. The national lighting industry is not optimistic under such an environment. The worse the situation is, the more we should have strategic determination and strategic vision. Anyway, when everyone is bad, this is our opportunity. At present, it is not enough to rely on hard work alone. We should have methods to do things, and have the ability to judge the future. All departments should take the opportunity to practice their internal skills. In the fierce market of lighting industry In the competition, we should face the difficulties, continue to deepen the reform, innovate ideas, focus on planning to improve the added value of our own brands, achieve sustainable development of the enterprise, so as to create a new glory of Jiangxi Aopu cause. Chairman Xu pointed out that the focus of follow-up departments is to improve the production capacity of our target panel lights, achieve the last energy-saving lights, and create the most competitive enterprise with panel lights and glass pipes. ".
At the end of the meeting, Xu Lifeng, the chief financial officer of Jiangxi Aopu, summarized the mobilization meeting: the successful development of the company requires a group of unyielding teams to continue to struggle. Aopu's leading cadres are the core of team building efforts. They should have the spirit of dedication and dedication, be brave and able to stand the test. Every Aopu person should spare no effort to make the greatest contribution to Aopu, and strive for a better future for the company in the second decade.
Contributed by: Wang Liping, General Affairs Office
Reviewed by: Dong Zhaoqing
Editor: Yang Shuijun

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