LED general lighting needs to compete for scale, and T5/T8 tubes usher in new growth space

Introduction: The recent price rise is too hot, and the relevant news in the industry is everywhere. What impact will the price rise of raw materials have on downstream lighting enterprises? Industry insiders said that the low margin market of LED general lighting should be handed over to several large enterprises. The cost of materials taken by small and medium-sized enterprises is higher than that of large enterprises.
With the development of society and the enhancement of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lamps are now used more and more widely, and have begun to penetrate into all areas of people's production and life. LED fluorescent tubes are very important in commercial lighting, especially in affordable shopping malls, supermarkets, offices and underground parking lots.
According to relevant data from the High Industry Research Institute of LED (GGII), the global LED lighting market will reach US $29.6 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach US $33.1 billion by 2017, with a market penetration rate of over 52%.
In the first half of this year, the lamp tube became the largest export product, second only to the bulb lamp. The export volume in the first half of this year was 433 million dollars, up 21.7% year on year. The United States was still the largest export destination, reaching 104 million dollars, accounting for 24.02%.
Relevant insiders said that in the next five years, the LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp market will usher in a peak period, with regional diffusion slowly from developed regions to inland hinterland. At the same time, with the promotion of the national "energy conservation and emission reduction" plan, this process may continue to accelerate.
The sales volume of LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamps has a strong growth momentum in circulation channels, and the overall market has shifted from engineering channels to circulation channels. It shows that the pace of their comprehensive replacement of traditional fluorescent tubes is significantly accelerated.
In the next five years, the cost of LED fluorescent lamps will further decline, and the number of consumers experiencing the product will continue to increase. Finally, LED fluorescent lamps will fully replace traditional fluorescent tubes.
Since 2012, Guoxing Optoelectronics has made great efforts to build traditional sales channels. The company's LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamps are mainly sold in engineering channels, and the product quality has won unanimous praise from engineers.
"Now, the engineering projects for the installation of Guoxing Optoelectronic LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamps have spread all over the world." The person in charge of Guoxing Optoelectronic revealed that there is not much room for its breakthrough in appearance, so LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamps still need to compete for quality and price in the market. However, after multiple comparisons, the end consumers will eventually recognize the high cost performance products that guarantee quality.
Due to the different prices of LED fluorescent tubes of different quality, the prices are different with different lamp beads and power supplies. In order to compete with large factories, small-scale LED factories have to win customers by lowering the prices.
However, at the same time of lowering the price, the production cost will also be compressed, and the quality will naturally have to be greatly discounted. Therefore, when consumers buy LED fluorescent tubes, they should not only focus on the price, but also pay more attention to the overall cost performance. Under the condition of ensuring the quality, they should look for products with lower prices.
According to the current market situation of LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamps, all lighting enterprises need to do a good job in cost control and product quality improvement, produce products with better cost performance, increase the construction of circulation channels, and do a good job in the basic channel guarantee of products.
At the same time, LED fluorescent tubes in the future will inevitably develop in the direction of low cost, high energy conservation and intelligence. With the progress of technology, LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamps will gradually become more affordable, and will gradually replace traditional lamps. They will become more and more popular and truly enter the homes of ordinary consumers.
According to the person in charge of Foshan Lighting, LED T8, LED T5 integrated bracket and LED T8 fluorescent lamp are ahead of the industry in terms of product quality, manufacturing and sales performance.
In terms of products, take Foshan Lighting's 1.2m LED T8 fluorescent tube as an example. Its luminous flux is about 1600 lumens, and its luminous angle, light attenuation, light uniformity, etc. are significantly ahead of others, while its ex factory price is less than 19.8 yuan/piece, further highlighting its cost performance advantage.
In terms of production capacity, the monthly output of Foshan Lighting LED T5/T8 products has exceeded 1 million pieces/month, and the sales volume has also increased by 30% year-on-year.
It is expected that the total market volume of LED T5 and LED T8 will expand rapidly in the next five years.
Philips officials also said that the LED lamp market continued to grow well, mainly because the government introduced economic stimulus measures to encourage all parties to increase investment, such as infrastructure projects, thus promoting the growth of the LED lamp market.

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